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The advanced software of Liftwatch 5 offers a level of versatility that no other system can match. In standby mode it will show time and date, but from this it can be changed to RCI, dig depth monitoring or height indicating modes. In RCI mode, the system shows a continuous display of load radius, Safe Working Load (SWL) at the radius, and the percentage of the current SWL that is being used. Warning LEDs and audible alarms indicate approach to SWL.

The height indication mode, once a height limit has been set, is available at all times. By adding hydraulic dump valve circuits, the height indicator becomes a height limiter. The equipment is automatically halted as soon as the pre-set height limit (controlled from in-cab display) is reached.

Mulitple duties are available at various levels within the basic Liftwatch 5 configurations. These allow manual or automatic selection of options such as over-the-front/rear duties, outriggers and blades down on wheeled machines, and alternative equipment where required.

Liftwatch 5

Liftwatch 5 is a rated capacity indicator (RCI) which improves the safety and efficiency of heavy plant such as excavators when involved in lifting operations. The system allows excavators to achieve the maximum safe lift over the entire working envelope of the machine.

Liftwatch 5 helps contractors meet their health and safety obligations as well as meeting the requirements of AS 1418.5 for a rated capacity indicator, radius indicator and slew indicator as well as rated capacity limiter when fitted with optional motion cut on overload.

Liftwatch 5 also meets the requirements of AS 1418.8 and AS 1418.5 for a load indicator when upgraded to include the load on hook option.

Key Features

  • Meets Australian safety standards
  • Allows excavators to achieve the maximum safe lift over the entire working envelope of the machine.
  • Warning LEDs & audible alarms

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