Cutting edge attachments and machinery.

Renex introduces the Simex range of machinery to South Australia. Simex attachments are technologically innovative and are designed to enhance the versatility of your existing machinery.

Simex attachments will make your work faster and more efficiently than you have before. Call Renex Equipment to discuss the extensive Simex range and how these hard working machines can help you and your business. Road planers, wheel excavators, rotary cutters, crusher buckets, skid steer attachments and much more. Suitable for a range of carriers including excavators, backhoe loaders, loaders, skid steer loaders and telehandlers – the combinations are endless.

So too are the applications – if you’re in planing, demolition, earthmoving, quarries, compacting, asphalt paving or crushing, then call Renex Equipment  now to get your machinery working harder and better than ever before.

Self Levelling Planers

Standard and high flow planers keep the planing depth constant in all conditions. Slides are kept parallel to the ground, assuring maximum stability and minimal spoil spill outs.

Self Levelling Planers – Brochure

Wheel Excavators

Simex Wheel Excavators are perfect for cutting small sections of trenches on hard or compacted surfaces. The wheels are fully protected at all depths – the T800 even works in reverse and handles great too.

Wheel Excavators – Brochure

Rotary Cutters

Suited to trenching in hard or compacted ground, concrete or rock wall profiling, quarry extraction, demolition or dredging – Simex Rotary Cutters step in when standard excavation systems aren’t up to the job.

Rotary Cutters – Brochure

Crusher Buckets

Designed to attach to loaders, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders and telehandlers, Simex Crusher Buckets crush up the material and allow you to use it straight away on the same site. They’re easy to use and manoeuvre and are perfect on a site where space is scarce.

Crusher Buckets – Brochure

Vibrating Wheel Compactors

A wide range of attachments suitable for skid steer loaders: self levelling planers, vibratory compactors, crusher buckets, wheel excavators, chain excavators, asphalt floats and traditional planers. One skid steer – many uses.

Vibrating Wheel Compactors – Brochure


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