Compaction Wheels

Extremely precise and versatile

Firm and compact trenches. Maximum safety!

When your application is to compact the bottom of trenches Simex CT vibrating compaction wheels offer the ideal solution. With Simex Compaction wheels a firm, even and extremely compact bed will be achieved that is essential for the durability of the trench preventing the road surface from giving way and therefore offering maximum road traffic safety.

Compaction wheels are available in different wheel widths that are quick and easy to change. With the ability to change the wheel pads you can compact drenches of different widths from 200mm to 400mm.

Compaction wheels have been designed to work the wheel in central position or for working in full offset position allowing the prime mover run alongside the trench. Reverse rotation vibrating twin shaft located in the centre of the wheel ensures the maximum compacting power and excellent vibration damping

Suitable for excavators 5 – 12t, skid steer loaders, as well as backhoe loaders and other loaders (whether hydrostatic drive or not).


  • for compacting trench beds



  • permanently firm, even and well compacted bed guaranteed
  • perfect insulation from prime mover ensures operator comfort
  • wheel width can be adjusted via bolted sectors that are easily changed on site
  • Possibility to mount the rotation device allows compaction in any position and in the most difficult-to-reach spots



For features, applications and specifications of each Vibrating Compaction Wheel view the brochures below:



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