Excellence Line – Scaler Range


Rammer has always been at the forefront of hammer development, and the Rammer Scaler range of hammers is just a part of the next phase in hammer development for special applications, such as scaling.

Scaling is the removal of loose material from the lining of tunnels. It is an important process that aims to ensure a safer working environment for both personnel and equipment working in this harsh environment.

For demanding applications

Scaling is one of the most demanding applications for a small hammer, rather than working at the optimal 90 degree angle to the target material, scaling the working angel can be anywhere between 5-175 degrees. Rammer’s Range of Scaling hammers are unique among other small hammer ranges as they come equipped with channels and piping for grease (for automatic greasing), air (for protecting the hammer’s eternal parts against dust) and water (for environmental dust suppression).

Reliable and Durable

Rammer Scaler range of hammers are built to last. Membrane type accumulators assist with power stroke and provide protection against hydraulic spikes. Field replaceable lower bushing and a low maintenance design ensures optimum hammer uptime, higher availability levels and reduced owning and operating costs.

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Rammer Scaler Range

  • 555SCALER (228kg, suit 3.2 – 8 tonne)
  • 777SCALER (315kg, suit 4.3 – 9.5 tonne)
  • 999SCALER (415kg, suit 5.8 – 13 tonne)


  • Scaling


  • Air piping
  • Water jet piping
  • Grease piping
  • CBE+ (Constant Blow Energy)
  • Twin-handed
  • Single lower tool bushing
  • Membrane-type accumulator
  • Lowered operating pressure
  • No tie rods
  • Ramlube I (optional)


  • Reliable in harsh conditions
  • Low operating costs

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