Excellence Line – PRO Range


The Rammer PRO Range hammers are based on the original, field proven Large Range models and share with them many key features that have established those units as one of the most popular hammers on the market. The PRO Range also features several unique specialist features which make this range of hammers, even more robust, as they are designed to tackle the toughest of jobs.

For extreme working conditions 

Rammer PRO range hammers have been manufactured based on the field proven Rammer large range hammers and backed by a range of enhancements that help the PRO range withstand extreme working conditions.

Unique specialist features

All PRO hammers benefit from a sealed housing structure that prevents the ingress of dust and dirt, thereby extending the working life of both the hammer and the tool. A top cover plate has sealed through apertures for stump hydraulic hoses and features sealed hose connections for grease, air and water. The PRO range hammera have a sturdy housing design and wear resistant wear plates that make it perfect for horizontal working duties in applications such as tunneling.

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Rammer PRO Range of large hammers

  • 2577 PRO (1660kg, suit carrier weight range 21-32t)
  • 388PRO (2240kg, suits carrier weight range 28-45t)
  • 4099PRO (3050kg, suit carrier weight range 34-55t)
  • 5011PRO  (4250kg, suit carrier weight range 43-80t)


  • Trenching
  • Primary demolition
  • Low clearance hammer tunneling
  • Hammer tunneling
  • Primary breaking
  • Secondary breaking


  • RamValve
  • Ramdata II
  • RamAir (Optional)
  • Flange mounting
  • Membrane type accumulator
  • Twin-handed
  • PRO / Tunnel housing
  • PRO / Tunnel suspension
  • VIDAT tie rods
  • FBE (Fixed blow energy)
  • Ramlube I (Optional)
  • Ramlube II (Optional)
  • Idle blow protector
  • Soft blow sensor
  • Stroke selector
  • Indexable power cell (left or right handed)


  • hammer can be adjusted to match individual carriers and applications
  • hydraulic efficiency
  • Constant high breaking power
  • Easy and safe installation
  • Low operating costs
  • High reliability in extreme working conditions

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