Excellence Line – Medium Hammers


The Excellence line is Rammer flagship line of hyrdaulic hammers, which has been serving customers the world over for four decades.

Rammer’s Medium Range hydraulic hammers are designed to get the job done, and the fully enclosed housing, makes no job to dirty, nor no condition to tough!

Powerful and Productive 

Each Rammer medium range hammer incorporates a piston and tool that are perfectly matched to ensure maximum energy transfer for optimum power and breaking efficiency. Rammer’s proven Constant Blow Energy (CBE) system ensures maximum impact energy with every blow for maximum productivity and profitability.

Reliable and Durable

Rammer medium range hammers are built to last. Membrane type accumulators assist with power stroke and provide protection against hydraulic spikes. Field replaceable lower bushing and a low maintenance design ensures optimum hammer uptime, higher availability levels and reduced owning and operating costs.

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Rammer Excellence Line – Medium Hammer Range

  • 1533 (870kg, suits carrier weight range 10 – 19t))
  • 1655E (870kg, suits carrier weight range 12-20t)
  • 2155 (1040kg, suits carrier weight range 16-26t)
  • 2166E (1180kg, suits carrier weight range 16-26t)
  • 2577E  (1460kg, suits carrier weight range 21-32t)


  • Trencing
  • Primary demolition
  • Low clearance hammer tunneling
  • Asphalt cutting
  • Blockage and build-ups
  • Secondary breaking
  • Metallurgical industry


  • Ramdata II
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Membrane type accumulator
  • Twin-handed
  • VIDAT tie rods
  • Sound suppressed super duty housing
  • FBE (Fixed blow energy)
  • Idle blow protector (Optional)
  • RamValve
  • RamAir (optional)
  • Ramlube II (Optional)
  • Ramlube III (Optional)
  • Field replaceable lower tool bushing


  • Safe capital investment
  • Good access to narrow places
  • Constant high productivity
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy and safe installation
  • High reliability

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