Performance Line – Large Hammers


Rammer’s Large Range Performance Line Hammers give their users excellent power-to-weight ratio and the versatility that you would expect from any Rammer hammer.

Proven Technology 

With the incorporation of a nitrogen piston accumulator and a second pressure dampening membrane type accumulator, this proven technology, enables Rammer’s Performance Line hammers to provide its users with an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

The next level in longevity

Operator comfort has been a key factor in the design of the Performance Line, the vibration dampened and sound suppressed housing minimizes energy transfer to the carrier. Other standard features including Rammer’s own Ramlube II greasing system, Ramdata II and the fast change tool system make for easy servicing and an extended product life span.

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Rammer Performance Line – Large Hammer Range

  • R25P  –  1340kg, suit 20 – 29 tonne
  • R35P  –  1900kg, suit 27 – 40 tonne
  • R45P  –  2300kg, suit 36 – 53 tonne


  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Full Manufacture Warranty
  • Nitrogen Accumulator
  • Vibration and sound suppressed
  • Excavator Friendly
  • Service Friendly
  • Large Tool Diameter/Length
  • Ramdata II
  • Ramlube II
  • Fast-change tool system
  • Flange mounting (R45P)
  • Heavy Duty housing (RP45P)


  • Cost-effective
  • Ideal for urban applications
  • Low operating costs
  • High reliability


  • Primary demolition
  • Primary breaking (R45P)
  • Secondary breaking

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