Boom Systems


With more than 40 years of experience in the construction, manufacturing, supply and servicing of hydraulic boom systems in the mining industry and quarries world-wide, Rammer is specialising in the supply of complete boom systems to accommodate the specific needs of the user and enhance the safety. Stringent quality and safety standards are adhered to during manufacturing and due to the high volume production Rammer Booms are extremely economical compared to other boom systems on the market.

Rammer’s comprehensive range of boom systems have been designed to enhance the safety, productivity and profitability of crushing operations in mines and quarries around the world. Rammer Booms enable the optimal positioning of a breaker within crushers feed, allowing blockages and bridging of rock to be broken and cleared quickly and efficiently.

Wide range of booms – 28 models from 1 to 18 tonne

Rammer has the right boom for every need as the Boom Systems range is wide, with 28 models from 1 tonne up to 18 tonnes heavy duty applications, reach from 1 metre up to 17 metres.

We will help you choose the right boom, controls and powerpack to match the application and rockbreaking requirements.

As an authorised supplier of servicing and spare parts for the Rammer range of Boom Systems Renex’ certified service personnel conduct scheduled maintenance, refurbishments, hydraulic cylinder testing and change-outs, diagnostics and breakdowns, flow testing, and general inspections to maintain your rockbreaker boom in peak condition at all times.

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Rammer Boom Systems Range

  • Z series (1100kg, max reach 3.9m)
  • B series (1150kg, max reach 4.2m)
  • G series (1310kg, max reach 4.4m)
  • C series (1320 – 2750kg, max reach 4.7 – 7.7m)
  • D series (1450 – 1700kg, max reach 4.6 – 6.9m)
  • S series (4250 – 4400kg, max reach 7.8 – 8.9m)
  • M series (6400 – 6700kg, max reach 7.9 – 8.9m)
  • L series (7700 – 7900kg, max reach 10.6  – 12m)
  • XM series (5520 – 7950kg, max reach 5.9 – 11.7m)
  • XL series (15,500 – 16,500kg, max reach 13.4 – 14.5m)


  • Gyratory Crusher Blockages
  • Jaw Crusher Blockages
  • Impact Crusher Blockages
  • Grizzly Blockages
  • Blockages and build-ups
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Applications demanding long reach and high breaking power


  • Heavy-duty cylinders
  • Rammer full electrification
  • Round pedestal
  • Modular design
  • Heat treated conical pins
  • High twist capacity
  • Shock absorbing pedestal mounting
  • Low height/width design
  • S, M and XL series feature a triangular design


  • Constant high breaking power
  • Reliable operation
  • Reduced cycle times

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