Cutter Crushers

Rammer Demolition Tools

The Rammer RCC Cutter-Crusher range models feature dual cylinders and a robust design that makes them an efficient alternative to other demolition methods and are ideally suited to environmentally sensitive applications where low vibration, noise and duct are of concern. Due to two powerful cylinders, the 360° rotation and the materials used, Rammer Cutter Crushers are the best solution for standard and high reach demolition.

Exceptional power-to-weight ratio

The smallest RCC04R Cutter-Crusher is designed specifically for primary demolition and for use with mini and robot carriers. Both cylinder feature a hydraulic booster, which intensifies the input pressure, dramatically increasing the power-to-weight ratio, and supplying the performance that you would only normally see from much larger attachment. The RCC04R unique jaw design allows for large opening whilst maintaining its light structure.

Low owning and operating costs

The Larger Rammer Cutter-Crushers feature full 360 degree hydraulic rotation for faster and more precise positioning and making them the ideal choice for both standard and high reach demolition. This system is covered by hydraulic rotation valve protection for longer motor life and reduced owning and operating costs. As a further nod towards system protection, the larger RCC models all feature forged and fully protected cylinder rods, heat-treated pins as well as bushes for a longer low maintenance life.

Integrated oil filters help protect the boosters from impurities in the hydraulic oil, while a regeneration and cleaning oil distributor maintains pressure at the required level, avoiding pressure peaks as well as reducing maintenance costs.

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Rammer Cutter Crusher Range

  • RCC04R
  • RCC10R
  • RCC16R
  • RCC21R
  • RCC30R
  • RCC43R
  • RCC60R
  • RCC80R
  • RCC110R


  • Hydraulic rotation with protection valve
  • 360° rotation
  • Bolt-on cutting blades
  • Speed valve
  • Hydraulic cylinder shielding
  • Heat treated pins and bushings
  • HB400 steel


  • Primary Demolition
  • Rebar
  • Structural steel

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