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Roll Over Protective Structures and Roll Cages

QMW have designed and destructively tested ROPS since 1989 and have successfully implemented a full sized destructive testing facility which is accredited and certified by NATA. They are also a quality assured company to ISO 9001-2008.

QMW also apply in house FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to optimize and prove their prototypes prior to build to ensure they manufacture the safest and most practical design possible.

In addition to QMW’s market leadership in this field, they are also proud to represent AIG on Australian Standard Committee on ROPS and also Australian Standards on the ISO Committee.

QMW Industries is the only Australian NATA Accredited Mechanical ROPS/FOPS Testing facility – Accreditation No.15369, has Queensland Transport Light and Heavy Vehicle Modification Endorsement – Certificate No.MA560 and is quality assured to ISO9001-2008.

QMW Industries, Australia’s market leader in the design, testing and supply of certified Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS) to ISO3471-2008 & AS2294.1, has recently announced the release of its new Q-ROPS range of Roll Over Protective Structures.

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Q-ROPS Bantam

The Q-ROPS BANTAM is the first in a range of light weight ROPS frames specifically design to suit the ever increasing fleet of on-road trucks required to have ROPS installed on mine sites.

By using the knowledge of over 20 years experience in designing and testing ROPS and the use of some exotic materials, QMW has been able to design and destructively test a Q-ROPS for trucks with a cab/chassis weight, as advertised by the manufacturer, up to 3,400kg, giving a combined TARE weight of approx 3,600kg after installation of the ROPS and mounts that weighs under 200 kg. This is significantly far less than other ROPS currently available.  The Q-ROPS BANTAM enables truck owners to install a ROPS for mine site compliance without drastically reducing the load carrying capacity of the truck.

Other advantages of the Q-ROPS BANTAM are reduced lead times in manufacturing and ease of fitment of a smaller mounting plate resulting in quicker turn around times and major cost savings. The Q-ROPS BANTAM also requires less room behind the cabin enabling the fitment of a larger tray or body than previously possible with other ROPS brands and designs.

Q-ROPS Vator

The Q~VATOR III SERIES ROPS has been designed to accomodate excavators up to 30,000kgs.

The VATOR is light weight, easy to install and has been destructively tested and certified to ISO 12117-2 & ISO 10262.

The VATOR series has a fully integrated OPG to guard and or OPG gate component to allow for optimised visibility and ease of access whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the machine geometry.

The VATOR is fully mine compliant and has been designed to allow for the localised fitting of the Q~ROPS Optional Mine Attachment Kit.

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