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Fully-engineered fire suppression systems

ETI Fire Supression

Finally – a fire suppression system that can do it all!

One valve that can handle Rise Of Pressure ROP and / or Loss Of Pressure LOP at the same time! This means its now possible to have the advantages of fast fire detecion using LOP and the robustness and reliability of ROP manual actuation!

This system allows the capture of the best advantages of both systems while minimising the disadvantages. Loss of pressure detection is used in the critical fire risk for fast detection and constant supervision. Reliable rise of pressure manual actuators provide the extra actuation points without exposing the system to constant leak failures.

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ETI Fire Suppression System Key Features

  • Dual Actuation Valve ( Pat. Pend.) – rise and loss of PRESSURE ACTUATORS
  • Manual and/or Automatic operation
  • Better risk assessment and design procedures
  • Robust and reliable
  • Engine shutdown capabilities integrated to Fire Alarm
  • Flexible design fully-engineered to fit each application and individual customer requirements
  • AS compliant to AUSTRALIAN STANDARD AS5062-2006
  • Leading Design program

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