ALLU D-series

reduce waste and increase your bottom line

Reduce waste and increase your bottom line

ALLU D-series are purpose built for efficient material processing by reducing the number of process steps needed and transforming waste into useable material. Everything from aerating compost, primary on-site screening and processing construction material. Not only does this attachment provide substantial material savings and transport costs, it also ensures that no time is lost when waiting for replacement materials.


Turn construction waste into usable material

Over the recent years, disposing of construction waste has become a lot more expensive. Waste levy rates have increased in SA to $143 per tonne in Metropolitan Adelaide and to $71.50 per tonne in regional SA.

It is common practice to remove fill from site, then to bring clean material back to achieve required compaction etc. This means you are paying $143/tonne in disposal costs, $2–$3/kilometre to run your truck to the waste facility, then you buy clean fill and again pay $2–$3/kilometre to bring product back to your site. This also involves considerable use of valuable time on your project.

Rather than allowing waste to become an increasing cost, you can use ALLU Transformer bucket and process your existing fill on site, thereby eliminating most of the above costs.


  • Composting
  • Crushing
  • Demolishing
  • Pipeline padding
  • Waste material handling
  • Industrial applications



For features, applications and specifications of each Bucket model see the D-series brochure:



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