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  • Rammer releases BIO Tool Grease

    As part of Rammer’s aim to help support more sustainable rockbreaking operations, Rammer has launched Rammer BIO Tool Grease, a high-performance biodegradable grease for hydraulic rockbreakers. BIO Tool Grease has been developed in collaboration with key customers in mining, construction and demolition industries to help them actively reduce impact of their operations on the environment. BIO Tool Grease is specially formulated to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly, making it safe for use in areas with strict building ...

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  • Innovation, technology & support help achieve lowest possible operating costs

    The use of advanced hydraulics, materials technology, strength calculations, impact wave theory and production technology have cemented the Rammer’s position as the go-to rockbreaker solutions provider for the Australian mining industry. finds as to why Rammer is one of the most popular hammers in the world. With powerful and durable rockbreakers equipped with the revolutionary RD3 remote monitoring device, 10 types of boom system options and specialty demolition attachments, there is a Rammer solution for ...

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  • Stepping up sustainability

    As well as improving efficiency in material processing, ALLU Transformer buckets help businesses transform their green credentials. With ALLU Transformers excavated waste materials are transformed into valuable materials and reused on site instead of sending to landfill. Earthmoving Equipment Review Magazine Oct/Nov 2020 edition finds as to how sorting and processing of green waste, compost materials and construction waste with ALLU will reduce environmental impact and improve the bottom line. Read the article in Earthmoving Equipment ...

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  • Quick, Quality Roadworks

    The process of stabilising a road base when a pavement comes to the end of its life cycle is becoming increasingly popular because of its recycling capability. SIMEX PL high depth planers enable contractors to crush and mix road base with stabilisation agents down to 350 millimetres ensuring productive stabilisation or rehabilitation of existing roadways. Read the article in Roads and Infrastructure Magazine Sept 2020 ...

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  • Renex – authorised SIMEX dealer in SA

    RDW Excavator Parts, importer of Simex products, has appointed Renex Equipment as its authorised dealer in South Australia for the Simex’ range of hydraulic attachments. Simex planers, rotary cutters, crusher buckets, vibrating wheel compactors and wheel excavators are distributed through an independent network of highly experienced dealer network ensuring availability and highest-quality support in every state. “Renex Equipment in SA were appointed as authorised Simex dealer due to their extensive experience and knowledge in hydraulic attachments.” “With Renex ...

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  • Renex appointed as ALLU dealer in SA

    The ALLU dealer network is expanding its presence in Australia and the importer of ALLU Transformers, RDW Excavator Parts has appointed Renex Equipment as its authorised dealer in South Australia for ALLU range of Transformer hydraulic processing buckets. Catering for applications of all sizes, and capable of processing any material that can be screened and sorted, the ALLU Transformer buckets transform feed materials into valuable products making processing jobs more efficient, more environmentally friendly and minimising ...

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  • Cash from Trash

    ALLU provided an effective solution to a construction site in Adelaide CBD where removal of a large soil deposit full of rocks, building materials, roots and other debris had been requested. Rather than disposing the waste soil to landfill that would have been a significant cost, ALLU Transformer screened and processed the soil and reduced the amount of unusable waste to a third of its original volume. Read the article '

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  • Hit smarter with big data

    BIG data is everywhere. It has the ability to improve the operation and monitoring of just about every bit of equipment on the mine site or in the quarry. It is a tried and tested way to cut downtime, proactively maintain equipment to avoid expensive repairs and to improve the overall productivity of assets. Now, data-driven remote monitoring for rockbreakers has finally been developed by Rammer, the world-leaders in rockbreaking solutions. Read the article 'Hit smarter ...

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  • Remote monitoring leads to cost reductions

    RD3 with a My Fleet platform provides real-time data on rockbreaker's operating hours and service intervals helping customers manage service periods and minimise machinery downtime by scheduling maintenance during times of least impact on production. With downtime planned at optimal times based on the data of rockbreaker usage, maintenance programs can be streamlined to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Read the article "Remote monitoring leads to cost reductions" published in the Earthmoving Equipment Review ...

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  • Rammer introduces Smart Rockbreakers

    RAMMER’S new Excellence line of rockbreakers are smarter and easier to use than ever before. With integrated smart technology for easier fleet management and new customer-focused features for more efficient processes, the Excellence line lives up to its name. Read the article 'Rammer rockbreakers a hit' published in The Australian Mining Review, September 2019.

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