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Renex appointed as ALLU dealer in SA

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The ALLU dealer network is expanding its presence in Australia and the importer of ALLU Transformers, RDW Excavator Parts has appointed Renex Equipment as its authorised dealer in South Australia for ALLU range of Transformer hydraulic processing buckets.

Catering for applications of all sizes, and capable of processing any material that can be screened and sorted, the ALLU Transformer buckets transform feed materials into valuable products making processing jobs more efficient, more environmentally friendly and minimising the need for transportation of waste or replacement materials.

With the ALLU Transformer, material processing will be revolutionised as it converts the base machine into a mobile processing plant.

“There is no longer need to bring both an excavator and a screener on site when the ALLU Transformer can screen, pulverise, aerate, mix, separate and load the materials you work with,” explains Daniel Drew, Sales Manager of Renex.

The ALLU Transformer will process just about anything including construction debris, topsoil, excavated soil and contaminated soil, clay, peat, bark, compost, glass, bio-waste, milled asphalt, coal, oil shale and limestone.

Unique design of screening blades and combs ensure the screening bucket is clog-free and maintains good production even with wet materials.

“The ALLU Transformer has been designed to transform the way in which construction businesses are able to improve their efficiency and profitability,” says Daniel.

“ALLU Transformers are purpose built for efficient material processing by reducing the number of process steps needed and transforming waste into useable material. This results in substantial savings in material, time and transport costs that means improved productivity and profitability to our ALLU customers,” Daniel added.

Main applications include:

  • Waste material handling
  • Light crushing and loading of raw material in mining and quarrying
  • Composting
  • Pipeline backfilling/padding
  • Stabilising clay
  • Crushing asphalt, minerals
  • Cabling backfills

Manufactured for over 30 years and distributed to over 30 countries, reliable ALLU Transformers are now available in Australia.

For more information contact Daniel Drew at Renex on (08) 8345 0555.

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