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RD3 – the first ever remote monitoring system for hydraulic rockbreakers

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Rammer has launched a purpose-developed RD3 remote monitoring device for its Excellence Line of Rockbreakers.

RD3 is the first ever remote monitoring system for hydraulic rockbreakers providing real-time data on operating hours, correct usage, service intervals and exact location of the equipment.

RD3 uses the MyFleet Telematics service to remotely track and monitor rockbreaker usage, making it ideal for operators, rental companies and dealers. The cloud-based system enables the rockbreakers to be viewed and monitored utilising Google maps and all the data is accessible 24/7 by logging into the My Fleet platform.

The main benefits of the system are that it enables owners and managers of fleet to know exactly where their equipment is and optimise it at its location. It also provides information on their equipment and how it is being operated enabling enhanced application knowledge and operator education.

With the RD3 data from the MyFleet platform owners and managers can achieve advanced fleet management compared to standard tools and make processes more efficient, contributing to the overall profitability of the business.

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